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Date Published: 03/04/2014

Gareth Thiveux, our leading presales consultant, discusses his work on the I Heart Studios project and the event that took place on 25 February, 2014.

Last Tuesday, the RunMyProcess team had an amazing opportunity to host a client testimonial event at the I Heart Studios, right in the center of London, a few blocks away from Tower Bridge.

Today, I Heart Studios really became a historical customer for RunMyProcess as it’s been almost two years now that we’ve been working closely together.

I Heart Studios is not just any customer, it really became a project with a special meaning for me. Not only it was one of my first projects as a newly hired presales consultant at RunMyProcess, it was already also a promise of a few business travels abroad 🙂

When I Heart Studios first approached RunMyProcess, through our partner Twenty26, they were just a small photography studio of 12 people searching for an application that would allow them to manage their workflow. We worked closely with the studio to identify their needs and build a solution that would be perfectly adapted to the nature of their business.

From the very start, we knew that this client would be different from our usual cases – not just because of an unusual sector of activity (digital content), but also because they were looking for a custom application that would become the heart of their business. I Heart Studios knew that to become a market leader, they must have the most efficient IT solution that would allow them to interconnect all systems used : accounting, CRM, bar-coding solutions and more. They also knew that the solution had to be adaptable: being able to change to their evolving needs, to correspond to the rapidly changing environment.

Today, I Heart Studios is a leading photography studio, employing over 100 people and working with the largest UK retailers. Every day, the employees of the studio use the RunMyProcess application to register thousands of receipted goods, scan them, assign photographers, retouchers, and register the goods for send-out. It is a zero-error, fully transparent process that was made possible thanks to the RunMyProcess application. “Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Transparency and Scalability” those would be the keywords that would describe best their needs and the system we’ve developed together.

However, it doesn’t end there. We still continuously work with the I Heart team to release new, updated versions of the application, adapting to the growth of their business and to their increasingly demanding customers. Thanks to our customized, cost-efficient solution, I Heart Studios is currently expanding at a rate of 600% growth in sales, per year.

But like Sjors Bos, co-owner of I Heart Studios, said during this event, we should forget that: “It’s not just about the technology, it is thanks to our people we are where we are today.” …….

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