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Date Published: 04/04/2019

Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) is one of Mexico’s largest insurance companies. GNP has set a goal of leading the insurance industry in innovation by 2022. Enrique Ibarra, its director of systems, describes the journey, the challenges, and the early results of a digital transformation in an article on I-CIO, Fujitsu’s digital platform for the elite of information technology management.

GNP’s agenda for change is coming right from the top of the organization. It requires rethinking a lot of aspects of the business and understanding what technology can contribute to that. The appreciation that the IT organization can deliver such value has been hard won through the delivery of a growing number of cutting-edge projects that have provided tangible benefits to specific areas of the business, says Ibarra. Those have ranged from the transformation of internal processes to applications that differentiate its services in the market.

Part of that investment has been an aggressive move of applications and processes to the cloud and the application of IT to streamline processes. “We have incorporated what we think is best of breed in terms of cloud technologies and for the automation of all of our workflows where Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess has been used extensively.”

Ibarra points to a favorite example of process optimization and enhanced customer experience in its car insurance business. “We now give our end customers an omnichannel experience through state-of-the-art mobile apps and a web portal.”

GNP’s Vision 2022 includes plans to leverage IoT in areas like risk assessment, and big data analytics. “We now have more than 15 years of historical operational data to work with. The challenge is now turning that asset into actionable knowledge that can enhance the company’s operations and deliver a tangible competitive advantage”, says Ibarra.

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