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Date Published: 05/28/2020

Munich, May 28, 2020 –  Fujitsu RunMyProcess recently announced a new partnership with OpenLegacy, the pioneer in digital-driven integration for legacy and core systems, an alliance that combines the two companies’ strengths to accelerate digital transformation.

OpenLegacy speeds up the rollout of digital innovations in legacy environments, while Fujitsu RunMyProcess accelerates business outcomes by streamlining workflows and processes via a flexible and scalable low-code enterprise application platform that offers unique digital solutions.

Experts estimate that more than 80 percent of corporate data still resides in or originates from mainframe legacy systems – data that needs to be accessed quickly and painlessly if companies are to offer modern digital services and remain competitive. Without legacy system integration, organizations cannot deliver the comprehensive API architecture required to succeed in the digital economy.

The OpenLegacy-Fujitsu RunMyProcess alliance removes the barriers to integrating back-office legacy systems, enabling companies to rapidly extend their systems to digital solutions. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides elegant workflow automation and choreography for low-code applications in collaborative environments while OpenLegacy creates microservices that contextualize the flows of these low-code applications with data and business logic from core and legacy environments.

“The synergy between Fujitsu RunMyProcess and OpenLegacy directly addresses the needs of corporations who must aggressively develop digital solutions backed by long-reliable but sometimes not easily accessible legacy systems,” said Bo Luongo, OpenLegacy’s Global SVP, Alliances and Business Development.

Through the superior integration capabilities of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite and OpenLegacy’s microservices-based API integration for legacy and on-prem systems, companies can implement enterprise solutions, operate mission-critical processes, and connect complex IT infrastructures to new digital ecosystems in a flexible, secure, and cost-effective way.

“Our objective at Fujitsu RunMyProcess is to provide a platform that provides maximum value to our customers and partners,” said Tien Nguyen, Head of Global Partnerships at Fujitsu RunMyProcess. “By teaming up with OpenLegacy, we’ll be able to extend our capabilities when it comes to integration with legacy systems, which will help our clients with speed and costs when developing their applications on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.”


About OpenLegacy
OpenLegacy’s Digital-Driven Integration enables organizations with legacy systems to release new digital services faster and more efficiently than ever before. It connects directly to even the most complex legacy systems, bypassing the need for extra layers of technology. It then automatically generates APIs in minutes, rapidly integrating those assets into new and exciting innovations. Finally, it deploys them as standard microservices or serverless functions, giving organizations speed and flexibility while drastically cutting costs and resources. With OpenLegacy, industry-leading companies release new apps, features, and updates in days instead of months, enabling them to truly become digital to the core. Learn why leading companies choose OpenLegacy at


About Fujitsu RunMyProcess
RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is a powerful cloud-native, low-code platform for delivering the most cost-effective business processes and enterprise applications. It offers superior capabilities for tapping into the world of digital ecosystems to propel businesses into the future. Using a co-creation approach, Fujitsu RunMyProcess builds fully customized, mobile-ready applications that integrate existing enterprise systems and data silos and connect them to new digital ecosystems. Its platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, creates sophisticated workflow applications and automates mission critical business processes in a flexible, secure, and cost-effective way.

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