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Deliver at digital speed and scale

We believe that successful digital businesses use platforms that maximize their speed of change. When we industrialize application delivery and give developers tools that maximize their productivity we create highly adaptive digital organizations that react faster to customer needs.

Today’s digital businesses need to deliver, test and scale systems quickly and with low start-up costs.

But this is not possible using existing enterprise development practices, where low level coding, organizational silos and complex operations create delays, costs and risks that are no longer sustainable.

In their rush to become digital almost every enterprise is eager to launch new initiatives that transform the way they work. But direct connections to customers, employees and third party ecosystems are transforming the pace of business, demanding a new speed of change. The digital world will not wait for low level coding, IT process hand-offs or packaged application customizations that extend over months or even years. And once finally deployed, existing operational models fail to provide the flexibility and scalability necessary for a world of on-demand delivery and constant refresh.

In our experience, accelerated business change does not begin with traditional IT but with new digital platforms that transform the speed of application delivery.

It means embracing cloud platforms which use modelling, one-click deployment and effortless integration to transform productivity and accelerate the creation of connected systems. By using platforms to industrialize delivery we free organizations from low level coding and operations, enabling them to focus fully on delivering and scaling critical business innovations faster and more reliably.

But accelerating business change requires us to successfully tackle three inter-related IT delivery problems.

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Delivering faster outcomes

As business and technology ecosystems become more fluid the speed with which a business can adapt becomes critical.  As a first step we must therefore transform our speed of change, embracing new digital platforms which use modelling, patterns and automation to reliably generate running systems at a fundamentally different speed. By eliminating unnecessary operations, breaking down silos and transforming developer productivity, digital platforms free us from technology concerns and leave us free to focus on the rapid delivery and evolution of critical business functionality.

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Enabling digital evolution

While faster development is a necessary foundation it is insufficient on its own – existing systems are often an equally challenging barrier to digital innovation. To move at digital pace we therefore need to decouple the delivery of new services from the longer change cycles of incumbent systems, using the cloud to quickly connect existing enterprise applications to the digital world without impacting their slower pace of change.  By quickly delivering value at the edge of the organization such an approach allows us to meet customer demand before driving changes more deeply into the organization over time to replace outdated systems.
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Building a scalable business

Being digital effectively means opening up your systems to the Web and enabling a much wider group of people, systems and things to interact with them directly. Many organizations don’t consider the technical and operational risks of delivering at this scale until it is too late, however. Delays caused by capacity shortages, operational inefficiencies or application bottlenecks are often far greater – and more costly – than delays in development. Digital platforms overcome these challenges by removing unnecessary technology management and operation, ensuring that business systems scale in real time without intervention.

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