We empower organisations to build business apps for anyone, anywhere, on any device & deliver them through a custom Enterprise Process Store

HR cloud solutions processes workflow automation


  • Simplify your HR experience.

  • Track your recruitment process from start to finish.

  • Convert your candidate files into employment contracts in one click.

  • Access employee information anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Finance Admin cloud solutions processes workflow automation

Accounting & Finance

  • Manage unplanned spikes in information requests and transactions.

  • Adopt a flexible and agile finance workflow.

  • Follow up payments and transactions with ease

  • Submit, approve, and integrate information directly into your ERP.

Buying purchasing procurement cloud solutions processes workflow automation


  • Tailor your procurement processes to the specific needs of your business.

  • Monitor, select, and organize bids.

  • Integrate complex logistic chains.

  • Enable collaboration between employees, suppliers and customers.

Field services mobility mobile cloud solutions processes workflow automation

Field Services

  • Implement a continuous and reactive quality control system.

  • Create audit reports instantly on your laptop and mobile device.

  • Lower your failure rate through greater visibility.

  • Improve lead processing time in crisis situations.

Our cloud platform will improve your operations by increasing your agility

Empower Google Apps

Google Apps are increasingly used by businesses as collaboration and document management solutions because of their low cost and efficiency. With Fujitsu RunMyProcess, you can easily develop workflow-based applications that use Google Apps to the fullest extent and meet the exact needs of your business.

Escape Lotus Notes

Looking to migrate your Lotus applications to the cloud, for example to Google Apps or Office 365, but are concerned about transitioning your workflows? With Fujitsu RunMyProcess' intuitive design tools, it’s easy to recreate your Lotus workflows using the same approval processes and data exports, with no additional technology expertise. The migration to the cloud will bring you a global and centralised vision of your applications and lower costs with our pay-per-use model.

Simplify your ERP

Unlocking SAP with Fujitsu RunMyProcess allows you to get more out of your back office data. With the Fujitsu RunMyProcess solutions, you can automate all peripheral processes around SAP and add mobility to SAP for field forces. The Fujitsu RunMyProcess Secure Enterprise Connector (SEC) provides a secure and native access to your legacy SAP.

Integrate the cloud

Thanks to the secure and flexible cloud solutions of Fujitsu RunMyProcess, you can easily link your legacy on-premise systems to your SaaS solutions or to your partners' information systems. Our repository of over 2,400 connectors allows you to integrate or create custom applications that integrate SaaS and on-premise applications, including Salesforce, Google, Oracle CRM On Demand and many others. Discover cloud and improve the way technology supports your business.

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