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Date Published: 04/06/2018

Sometimes organizations struggle to succeed in their Digital Transformation because they lack the knowledge of the new technologies available, the vision of how to use them, and the skills to implement them. In the traditional approach to IT, most managers think they have to replace their main system spending huge budgets in a risky “big bang” project. However, because changing business practices with new tools can be complex this approach doesn’t work for digital projects.

The Fujitsu philosophy is more pragmatic. With Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess platform we help organizations to quickly implement innovation, to achieve change fast, and to deliver a solution that will match exactly the needs of staff. The reason for this success is that we take the time to build our solutions directly with the subject matter experts, we allow experimentation, field trials, until the right fit is found, and we do it very fast.

Fujitsu has a Digital Application Factory service offering to assist you in your digital transformation. The Digital Application Factory is a continuous development environment where a dedicated team of our digital transformation consultants are interacting with your key stakeholders and subject matter experts and delivering applications at a phenomenal speed, using the RunMyProcess platform.

How do we do it?

Throughout a digital transformation project, the Fujitsu staff works closely together with the customer.

The customer key stakeholders and subject matter experts team up with our digital transformation consultants to define a number of applications to deliver. The number of applications could range anywhere from 5 to hundreds with a period of time that will take between 6 to 18 months.

Agile development
Each application will be broken down into multiple sprints.
The Digital App Factory will streamline the application delivery process to continuously deliver innovation in the business with minimal idle time.
During the period of 6 to 18 months, the team will report on delivery achievements, confirm the support model, and iterate the delivery with a new set of applications.

What do we deliver?

The typical delivery requirements for the Digital Application Factory include:

  • Gather requirements and lead workshops with subject matter experts and key stakeholders.
  • Iterate through existing applications to be migrated or enhanced.
  • Provide assessment based on gathered information and recommend the best approach for target RunMyProcess application (e.g. merging several applications into one, architecting forms or workflows in a more optimised way).
  • Draw mock-ups to better architect an application to be migrated/created.
  • Build complete RunMyProcess applications (custom forms, custom workflows, custom integrations), including tests, digesting UAT tests feedback from end users, until the go-live.
  • Ensure deployed applications stay up-and-running and will troubleshoot issues in productions if any.
  • Add evolutions to existing applications, by gathering feedback from end users post-go-live, estimate the effort and roll out those changes in production with minimal service interruption.
  • Assign a project manager for all the applications to be migrated or enhanced.
  • Provide estimates prior to starting development to monitor pace and progress on each application.

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