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Date Published: 03/26/2018

Welcome to the third and final episode of our Hybrid IT blog series! The first two episodes are about integration as the key to Hybrid IT, how companies must begin with technology integration and then move toward capabilities integration. If you have not read them, it is worth going back and having a look as this final transformational step takes us to business model integration.

A true hybrid IT business will have taken those individual business capabilities and their outcomes (from inside or outside the organization) and then created an end-to-end business model integration that consists of a digital supply chain. This is something that is being made infinitely easier by having virtualization and APIs at every level.

RunMyProcess - Overview of end-to-end Business Model Integration

Moving forward in a hybrid environment, companies would need to vertically integrate ALL business capabilities to shift to new business models where the underlying infrastructure and application layers are irrelevant from a delivery perspective.

Companies can begin asking themselves:

  • If I can create a new business model by integrating capabilities why would I want to worry about underlying infrastructure?
  • If I can integrate across layers to better support my business outcome why would I want to worry about application integration?
  • If I can vertically integrate through business capabilities, can I truly make the underlying technical layers irrelevant?

While everyone in our industry would like the answer to those questions to be an emphatic: “YES!” the truth is probably more like “not quite yet”. Time will tell as technology matures, Hybrid IT becomes more the norm than the exception, these types of integration become more prevalent in organizations, and as we see software tools emerge that can facilitate these levels of integration.

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