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Date Published: 01/26/2018

According to a market trend study by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) “the majority of organizations see digital transformation as the natural evolution of their efforts to innovate their services and solutions to accommodate the changing needs of internal stakeholders and users.” This was the view of 53% of the respondents to the study. 41% see digital transformation less as a requirement for incremental change, and more in terms of an opportunity for disruptive innovation and as an opportunity to change their business model and step into new markets.

The following graphics gives an overview of what the respondents of the study see as major business goals for their organization with respect to digital infrastructure transformation.

RunMyProcess - Overview of a market trend study on major business goals of enterprises in digital transformation

RunMyProcess supports enterprises in achieving those goals acting as a backbone for digital solutions by connecting systems and processes to the people, clouds and devices of the digital world. We have already built a lot of solutions to help our customers going their own digital way.

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