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A person wearing a suit and standing on a black stage next to a large stage light while holding a conductors stick.

Akorbi Digital RunMyProcess Low Code Platform Anim...

Wouldn’t it be great if every part of your business could work together seamlessly? In this video, we demonstrate how the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite acts as a conductor that perfectly arranges the many pieces that make up your company and assembles

A zoomed in desktop screen of a website page displaying project label options and a large label below displaying "low code" in white over a green rectangle.

RMP Low Code Platform

In this video, we give you an inside look at the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite platform and all of its easy-to-use capabilities. Preview DigitalSuite’s web modeler, process modeler, and our connector library which includes 2,400 connectors that can be integrated into your


Budget Approval With Biometric Identity Verificati...

In this budget approval demo of RunMyProcess and Biometrics-as-a-Service (BIOaaS), a manager receives a budget request in his email account. To approve the request, he accesses the respective RunMyProcess workflow and identifies himself with his biometric data (in this case

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RunMyProcess – Your partner for successful ...

Digital transformation is essential for today’s businesses. It requires automated workflows, connecting the digital supply chain, constant evolution. At high speed, with an attractive ROI, and a unified user experience, no matter where users are. How do you take on

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Building Hyperconnected Systems with an Agile Inte...

Integrating and leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT)

Video on Digital Transformation at GNP Seguros Insurance Services

Digital Transformation at GNP Seguros Insurance Se...

GNP Seguros is one of Mexico’s largest insurance companies. They are working with Akorbi Digital and RunMyProcess to digitally transform their business, allowing them to become more efficient, more profitable, and more customer-centric.

Video on how RunMyProcess can leverage the Internet of Things to deliver Human Centric solutions by integrating sensors, information systems and people

Award winning IoT demo – Human centric innov...

Award winning IoT demo – Human centric innovation in action

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Problem Solved – Employee Onboarding

Successfully onboarding new talent often involves a wide range of people, systems and tasks spanning different departments. With RunMyProcess digital onboarding, you can ensure every task is flawlessly executed to give your new colleagues the perfect start.

Automated workflow and barcoding solution for I Heart Studios with a RunMyProcess application

Automated workflow solution helps digital content ...

Automated workflow solution helps digital content studio increase turnover by 600%.

Clínica del Caribe – digital management ser...

Clínica del Caribe – digital management service for medical orders in ICU