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Digital transformation with Hybrid IT – Episode ...

With an increasingly rich ecosystem of cloud services available across many different business and technology categories there has never been a better time to transform businesses using next generation ‘outsourcing’ and automation. But keeping an existing business running while transforming

Taking the digital transformation journey with Run...

We are now well into 2017 and the buzz around digital transformation is louder than ever…  and as expert digital problem solvers we know that digital transformation is about much more than technology; it’s about improving the competitiveness of your products

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What Makes Enterprises Successful in Digital Trans...

MIT Sloan Management Review and Deloitte recently published a report titled “Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future“ which aimed to explore which strategies are successful for enterprises on their way to digital transformation. For this report, they surveyed more

Winning with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up huge new opportunities to connect information and processes from end to end – enabling people to challenge a whole range of assumptions about how the world works.  But it also brings a

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Re-architecting Business for the Cloud

Many people continue to see the cloud as a technology phenomenon, missing the fundamental business shifts that result from its ability to drive deep, connected digitization.  But how do we re-architect our pre-digital organizations to thrive in the new digital era? Technology has undoubtedly transformed our

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Achieving Lean Digital Business

Lean principles help value flow more effectively by optimizing end to end value streams. But together the Web and digital platforms are creating a huge number of new connections - connections that can be exploited to make value flow faster and

Zodiac Marine & Pool migrated IBM Lotus Notes applications to a cloud environment with RunMyProcess

How Zodiac Marine & Pool replaced IBM Notes w...

Maximilien Moriceau, Sales Engineer at Fujitsu RunMyProcess, sums up the case study breakfast RunMyProcess hosted together with Cirruseo, on March 11, with a testimonial from Joseph Bejjani, CIO of Zodiac Marine and Pool. Leadership is not about being the biggest

Automated workflow and barcoding solution based on RunMyProcess for I Heart Studios

The Success Formula: I Heart Studios Case Study

Gareth Thiveux, our leading presales consultant, discusses his work on the I Heart Studios project and the event that took place on 25 February, 2014. Last Tuesday, the RunMyProcess team had an amazing opportunity to host a client testimonial event

Reimagining Business Through Integration

Hyperconnectivity is allowing all sorts of resources to be connected in new and novel ways. But how do we leverage this broader form of "integration" to create new opportunities for technology simplification that unlock powerful new value for our business and its customers?

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Evolution and the IT Industry – Part I

How will evolution lead to Darwinism and the Rebirth of Outsourcing in IT and business? What effects will evolution have on the way we work, the way IT is supplied and the structure of those companies who provide it?

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The Death and Rebirth of Outsourcing

Massimo Cappato, Revevol, discusses outsourcing of complex IT application portfolios and the challenges faced by the IT outsourcing industry. I am borrowing the headline for this post from a speech that Eric Schmidt gave at a major Gartner event in

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Software Darwinism

RunMyProcess software engineer Malcolm Haslam discusses the evolution of the software market and the new race towards "survival of the fittest". When Charles Darwin arrived at the Galapagos Islands in 1835, as a young student, and marveled at the incredible, strange

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Your Business Needs to Become a Platform

Cloud and other digital technologies are changing the landscape of IT. But the application of digital technologies is doing far more than that, creating a new Web-powered arena for business.  So what does this mean for our business models and