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How low code can be used as a complementary soluti...

Enhancing ChatGPT with Low Code   ChatGPT is a powerful machine learning tool that has revolutionized the way businesses communicate with their customers and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. But it is not a direct replacement for low code platforms,

Simplify communication and file sharing for teams ...

  Organizing a global workforce can be challenging, but with the help of enterprise mobility applications, companies can keep their people on track even if they are in different environments. Such applications offer a variety of tools and features to

How Low-Code can Help with IoT (Internet of Things...

 What is IoT “the Internet of Things”? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a phrase that we often hear in business-speak, but what exactly is it? In simple terms, the Internet of Things is a whole network of devices, software

How does automation help to create jobs?

A recent common phrase is that “robots are taking our jobs” and for some, this has caused fear. While it would be entertaining having a robot cleaning your hotel room, drive your taxi, or serve your food to your table,

How can Digital Technologies help companies improv...

  CSR is a business model that makes the company socially accountable to all stakeholders and society.   Today, consumers like to work with suppliers that pay attention to environmental and societal issues. Therefore, CSR is becoming a critical element

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How to Create an Enterprise App Store

Enterprise app stores can be accessed either through a mobile device or web portal, and give users the ability to download and install software applications that have been approved by their company. Enterprise app stores help give companies control over

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The Replacement of Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes, a popular collaborative client-server software platform in the 90s and early 2000s, has a fascinating history. The product was inspired in the 1970s, developed in the 1980s, and is still available in certain markets today. Lotus Notes was

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A Guide to Workflow Automation Software

Businesses that save time, reduce errors, and focus on providing a great product or service are destined to win in today’s competitive marketplace. For many companies, outdated processes and software have hindered their ability to scale and maintain customer loyalty.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process ...

In today’s digital landscape, organizations are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and improve operational systems. The concept of business process automation has become widely popular, but what exactly is it? In today’s blog, the team at RunMyProcess answers

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Why Salesforce Integration Creates Value for Your ...

Salesforce is one of the world’s top customer relationship management platforms available on the market today. Many large organizations use this software in some capacity, whether it be to track potential customers through the buyer’s journey, craft email campaigns, or

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3 Essential Types of Business Automation

Business automation is defined as the use of technology to streamline necessary tasks and take out manual labor from the day-to-day business operations. In turn, business automation systems free up employees’ time so that they can focus on project work

A woman holding a market up to an invisable board as she smiles towards her drawings of an API graph with webs connected to the company name in small circles and system graphics

What is API Management?

API management is an essential function for enterprises looking to scale. Businesses that use or develop APIs need a single place to manage their implementation, analyze performance, and design new APIs. In today’s blog, RunMyProcess will help you understand the

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4 Main Areas to Concentrate on in Digital Transfor...

With the advancement of technology, companies around the globe are looking for ways to refine their business models and systems. As companies seek more efficient ways of doing business, they are essentially being led towards the concept of digital transformation.

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Multi-Cloud: What Is It and How RunMyProcess Can H...

Multi-Cloud environments are shaping the way companies operate in the 21st century. A vast majority of the world’s top enterprises craft a multi-cloud strategy that enables their businesses to increase efficiency, ensure data privacy, and use cloud-based systems in a

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Top 7 Trends in Digital Transformation in 2022

As business evolves with the digital world, business leaders need to see beyond the horizon and understand what other companies are doing differently going into 2022. Whether it’s automating digital processes, investing in artificial intelligence, or increasing the security of

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Increasing Customer Satisfaction in a Service-Base...

For those in the service-based industry, customer satisfaction is paramount. Keeping your customers happy is how you get them to return, and satisfied customers tell others who begin to use your services. Your business likely has ways of measuring how

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Still Using IBM Notes? RunMyProcess Offers Seamles...

Many companies use IBM Notes or other applications for office processes, such as instant messaging, email, company directories, blogs, and more. While they may enjoy using this software, making other processes digital without interrupting the current workflow can be difficult.

HR Streamlined

Does Your HR Department Need Process Improvement? ...

There have been many case studies done on HR departments in companies worldwide that were helped exponentially by using RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to streamline processes. Does your HR department use lengthy and accident-prone filing processes? Could you save time, money, and