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Achieving automation process efficiency for Zodiac Marine & Pool

New transparent process for managing global portfolio improves reporting and saves time.

Challenges Faced by Zodiac

To maintain its market leadership, Zodiac Marine & Pool continually expands its product portfolio to provide the most innovative solutions for its customers. But managing a global portfolio can be a difficult task without full transparency of the product management process.

The process of adding information about a new product was tedious and strenuous, requiring too many steps for approval. This paper-based process was challenging to track, and the data manager was required to spend valuable time contacting different departments to trace the request status. The procedure was also complicated by Zodiac’s broad product range, as each new product creation process varies depending on the product type.

Zodiac was searching for an automated solution that would be easy to integrate and provide process analytics. The company approached Paris-based Google Apps reseller Cirruseo, who suggested RunMyProcess.


Zodiac Solutions from RunMyProcess

The workflow application was successfully implemented in December 2013 by Zodiac’s department based in America. Today, more than 40 employees can access the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite-based application from their computer desktops. This automated solution helped Zodiac achieve maximum transparency of the process, improving tracking and saving time.

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite also enabled Zodiac to optimize process reporting. The application dashboards provided up-to-date information on the number of product requests at a specified time, by product type, and the average duration of the process. The developed solution integrated Google Apps, allowing users to access the application quickly and securely using their Google ID. The standardized user interface helped to integrate the new solution into the department.

As a result of the successful implementation, Zodiac adopted new versions of the application for the European and Australian regions.


Zodiac company logo in blue and yellow with the brand name in blue directly next to it.

Zodiac Marine & Pool is a worldwide leader in pool equipment, pool-care products, boats, and treatment solutions for the marine and building industry. Established in 2007, the company is present in the U.S, Europe and Australia, employs 1,300 staff and reported revenue of 400m euros in 2012.

“RunMyProcess allowed us to create not just an application – it became the motor behind numerous applications that drive the entire company.”
Oren Nadjar
Global CTO of Zodiac Marine & Pool

Zodiac Results

  • Workflow automation reduced manual paperwork which improved efficiency in tracking
  • Maximum transparency helped optimize reporting and save time
  • End-to-end integration with user friendly interface increased workforce productivity
  • Initial success of implementation lead to global deployment that unified the business

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