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Co-creation enhances Welch Allyn’s digital business

RunMyProcess helps medical equipment manufacturer Welch Allyn to take control of their business processes with a co-creation approach and fully-customized, end-to-end integrated solutions on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.

Challenges Faced by Welch Allyn

At Welch Allyn, the process for requesting and registering new products caused a lot of complications, confusion, and dissatisfaction. The local marketing teams submitted requests for adding new products to the U.S. headquarters in various formats, not always backed up by a healthy business plan. The requests often lacked specific local requirements relating to translation or medical norms. This procedure resulted in high efforts for the registration office responsible for the legal aspects and the registration of the new products in the individual countries. The registration took too long, and demands submitted for products did not meet the country’s requirements. Welch Allyn was looking for an application that would be able to manage the submission of the new product demands, while accessible by international teams, and customized to their exact needs.

Employee access termination was another process Welch Allyn wanted to change. When employees left the company, they had to ensure that access to systems and resources was disabled as soon as possible. Previously, this process was managed using Lotus Notes, but recurring bottlenecks in the system meant that Welch Allyn needed something more streamlined.


Welch Allyn Solutions from RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess developed a product registration application in one week and helped Welch Allyn achieve a more accurate product request submission workflow. The marketing teams now have an official procedure with forms and documents that must be completed and approved before submitting the request to the registration office, reducing the number of unjustified demands. The solution integrates G Suite, and the users can access it through their Google accounts from any location and device. The transparency of the process helped improve communication between marketing teams and the rest of the company to a great extent.

The speed, accuracy, and transparency of employee access termination has been dramatically increased with another new application implemented on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite. Termination requests issued by HR automatically trigger tickets and notifications to the appropriate helpdesks and managers, ensuring that access to systems is disabled right on time and additional company assets like phones, email accounts, or PCs are accounted for.

The success of the first projects gave Welch Allyn the appetite to try RunMyProcess in other areas, ranging from HR, sales, and marketing to purchasing, finance, and logistics. Today, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite applications are being used by more than 1,500 employees.


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Welch Allyn Inc., is a leading global manufacturer of medical diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Founded in 1915 and headquartered in New York, U.S, Welch Allyn operates in 26 different countries and employs more than 2,500 people. Welch Allyn’s customers include physicians’ practices, community clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and emergency departments.

“We don’t have unlimited resources, but now we can use our resources for maximum potential returns.”
Richard Thomas
Business Application Manager, Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn Results

  • Enhanced speed, accuracy, and transparency of processes by end-to-end automation and integration
  • Reduced infrastructure costs and easier maintenance by Lotus Notes migration
  • Secure access from any location and device by cloud-native implementation and integration of G Suite
  • Improved communication and understanding between teams

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