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Improving quality of service – essential for Clínica General del Caribe

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite has provided a lean and flawless fulfillment of medical orders in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Challenges Faced by Clínica General del Caribe

Intensive care units (ICU) are associated with severe health situations. Patients and visitors need to trust in the ICU staff performing in the best and most efficient way possible. There is a growing need to reduce complex operational processes, integrating and connecting the systems involved, thereby eliminating unnecessary steps through the automation of manual tasks.

The inefficiency of the hierarchical structure of clinical administrations, and the time required to adapt to a world full of technological and economic transformation, have been some of the main reasons for criticism of ICU performance.

However, the introduction of cloud-based business process management technologies, as well as automated workflows in areas such as medical order fulfillment, promised quick and significant improvements in ICU patient care. The goal was to allow the medical staff to focus on their patients, increasing patient safety, and avoiding complications that typically arise from lack of timely care.

Clínica General del Caribe Solutions from RunMyProcess

Clínica General del Caribe implemented a human-centric platform, SICOM, establishing a system for compliance of medical orders.

Based on and powered by RunMyProcess, SICOM provides for lean, automated, flawless processing and fulfillment of critical medical orders. This new platform enables seamless integration of all required systems like clinical labs, imagenology studies, and medication administration.

With SICOM, all the people involved in ICU patient care now have immediate access to real-time information on the fulfillment of medical orders at any time and in any place.


Logo of Clínica General del Caribe S.A. - Colombian health care organization

Clínica General del Caribe S.A., Colombia, is a health care organization with the mission to provide adequate, timely, personalized, and comprehensive health services. Like other hospitals, Clínica General del Caribe is facing the demand to maintain and improve patient care and safety, and at the same time ensure the flawless and timely fulfillment of medical orders in their intensive care units (ICU).

“The technology advances daily and we must be with the latest technology, we must go to the forefront. With SICOM, we are implementing, developing and researching to be more competitive every day.”
Rubén García
IT Manager, Clínica General del Caribe

Clínica General del Caribe Results

  • Implementation of highly automated workflows has reduced complexity and manual tasks, thereby saving time for patient care.
  • The optimized presentation of processes, data, and results has helped to create an immediate focus on critical patient issues.
  • Patient care and safety have improved via the accuracy of certain key essential risk indicators, such as the frequency of inappropriate medical treatment.
  • Integration with administrative systems has led to easier billing, with less errors, for medical services.
Download the full case study for further information regarding the solutions and results seen by Clinica General del Caribe

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