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Semana Económica significantly enhances article publishing process

RunMyProcess helps Semana Económica reduce inadequate administration process by 50%.

Challenges Faced by Semana Económica

As Semana Económica experienced an increase of new hires, they found it challenging to manage the publishing cycle and meet strict publication deadlines while maintaining their high-quality work of content creation.

All of the publication process steps were done manually – from reviewing to proofreading via Microsoft Word format. This inefficient process created confusion as numerous versions of the same document were being shared, and caused difficulty in locating the final version. Images were also shared individually, which made the process management even harder. Another challenge they encountered was the inability to access article files in a centralized location. Additional bottlenecks occurred due to the low transparency of the process and no validation reminders: editors often had to wait until the previous contributor finished their review, with little visibility as to the status of the process.

In 2013, searching for an automated solution, Semana Económica approached Cloudware360, Peru’s leading Google Apps reseller. Cloudware360 suggested a RunMyProcess solution for its Google Apps integration and reporting features.


Semana Económica Solutions from RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite enabled Semana Económica to automate its article publishing workflow, increasing process speed and transparency. In 11 months, Semana Económica published 36 magazine issues with more than 50 articles per magazine. The new process created efficiency that saved over 200 hours per week of time spent reviewing and editing articles. Thanks to the automated solution, the magazine team now knows the exact status of each submitted article, helping avoid bottlenecks.

The team valued the application as it simplified the task of managing and reviewing articles. The company also appreciated the integration with Google Apps that provided easy and secure access to the application and ensured that all documents were stored at the same place. Integration with Google Apps helped manage different access rights of the various contributors as well as article revision history.

The team now has access to in-depth reporting on the publishing cycle, with full visibility on the number of items published, being approved, or edited. The generated reports also included article editing and comments history, helping keep track of all modifications. It meant the team could notice recurring problematic patterns, and kept metrics on efficiency.

Semana Económica extended the application to include the publishing process of a new magazine – Perú Economico, published bimonthly. Semana Económica continues to work with Cloudware360 on the evolution of the application, continuously adding new features and functionalities.


Semana Economica logo in red

Semana Económica is Peru’s leading business and economics magazine. Since 1985, this weekly publication has provided in-depth economic reports and business reviews to executives and business owners – a group that generates approximately 45% of Peru’s GDP.

“We used to spend at least eight hours per article waiting for reviews, edits and comments. Now, it takes on average four hours, helping us save 200 hours each week.”
Mario Rosales
Operations and Technology Manager at Semana Económica

Semana Económica Results

  • Easy and secure access to the application
  • Centralized information through integration with Google Apps
  • Increased process speed, transparency, knowledge sharing, and productivity
  • Decrease of approximately 50% in hours lost
  • Decrease in web publishing time, from three hours to just 30 minutes

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