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Digital app increases Australian retailer’s business efficiency

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, a major retailer and supermarket chain rapidly built a cloud-based preventive maintenance application to avoid issues occurring on their in-store equipment, while reducing administrative tasks to almost zero.

Challenges Faced by Retailer and Supermarket Chain

Stores holding on average 300 items of equipment each are visited by RunMyProcess engineers several times a month and all equipment is inspected and serviced on a regular basis. The traditional approach to preventive maintenance involved various manual steps and hard copies, and resulted in a loss of information, lack of consistency, human errors, and significant waste of time. Consequently, the rate of failure could not be reduced and the services were at risk of not being competitive enough for the retailer to continue operating in the market.

Retailer and Supermarket Chain Solutions from RunMyProcess

Akorbi Digital adopted RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to quickly develop a digital preventive maintenance application called iPM that would meet the customer’s specific requirements. The iPM application is automatically available to maintenance engineers via mobile devices and provides access to all data, thus allowing to reduce incidents and time, prioritize issues, and improve the quality of service.


A major Australian retailer and supermarket chain has a large number of incidents occurring on their in-store equipment that directly impact the business performance and reduce store trading capabilities. This has the potential to lead to deteriorating customer service and satisfaction, and ultimately decreases the business efficiency of the supermarkets. To provide preventive maintenance services for more than 3,000 stores across Australia, the supermarket chain contracted RunMyProcess.

“Every engineer now has accurate and reliable equipment information instantly available on a mobile app. Deploying the Digital Preventive Maintenance helped us reduce administrative tasks to almost zero!”
Tony Tang
Portfolio Manager, RunMyProcess Australia New Zealand

Retailer and Supermarket Chain Results

  • Improved quality of service by reduced failure rate of equipment
  • Higher frequency of service and prioritization of efforts according to risk of failure
  • Less manual errors and time to identify equipment, obtain data of previous inspections, and record inspection details
  • Automated submission of service tickets and elimination of hard copies and spreadsheets
Download the full case study for further information regarding the solutions and results seen by an Australian retailer and supermarket chain.

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