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RATP improves business operations with mobile app

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, RATP developed a mobile app that improves incident reporting, saves time, and increases service quality.

Challenges Faced by RATP

RATP’s activities and the quality of its services are heavily regulated by the public transport organization authority Syndicat des Transports d’Îlede France (STIF). To maintain high quality services, RATP field officers document and report all incidents occurring on the bus transportation lines. However, the organization’s incident notification process was manual and took a significant amount of time – from a few hours to several days. These time delays consequently affected the overall quality of RATP’s services, leading to financial penalties imposed by STIF. So RATP sought a flexible application that could be implemented quickly and was easily accessible from different locations. The company therefore turned to RunMyProcess with its cloud-based application platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.


RATP Solutions from RunMyProcess

From concept to implementation, the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite-based solution took less than three months. When RATP field officers notice an incident, they can launch the application on an Android-based smartphone. They then select the location of the incident, specify the nature of the incident, take a photo of the issue, and submit the report. The report is automatically sent to the bus maintenance office team, which can access all incident data via an application dashboard. The office team validates the submission and sends the incident report to the maintenance team, which makes the decision on the type of equipment required to fix the problem before heading to the site. In the first 18 months of the application being in place, the RATP team processed 2,100 incident reports – an increase of 20%.


RATP logo in light blue with a silhouette of a face looking up in darker blue

The RATP Group in France is a state-owned public transport operator, responsible for metro, tramway, and bus services in Paris and the surrounding Île-de-France region. RATP operates 351 bus lines in Paris and its suburbs.

“Reporting an incident used to take at least 24 hours. Now it takes 30-60 seconds.”
Victor Ganivet
Operational Maintenance Manager, RATP

RATP Results

  • Reduced process time from 24 hours to just 30-60 seconds
  • Easily accessible data from any location and device through cloud-based storage
  • Increased control and improved recording of infrastructure quality
  • Customized interface to meet the needs for incident reporting

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