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Transforming manual tasks to automation helps Kiloutou

New equipment testing and travel management processes provided by RunMyProcess help Kiloutou to accurately compare results and create fully transparent workflows that eliminate traditional manual paper-based functions.

Challenges Faced by Kiloutou

In order to maintain its market leadership, Kiloutou constantly expands its product portfolio with new tools and equipment. However, the company wasn’t satisfied with their testing process for new equipment – they were looking for an application that was easy to manage, accessible from multiple locations, and adaptable to their business needs.

Kiloutou was also struggling with its travel management process – it was inefficient and time-consuming, and inconvenient for a company with an average of around 100 employees traveling every week. They needed an application that would help automate the submission of travel requests, allow automatic request approval notifications, and provide process analytics. In search for a cloud-based solution that could provide the required functionality, Kiloutou chose RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.


Kiloutou Solutions from RunMyProcess

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, Kiloutou developed an application for its equipment testing process that helps to trace new equipment validation steps and more accurately compare results against other models from the same or different suppliers – improving the accuracy, coherence, accessibility, and flexibility of the test data.

Kiloutou also built and implemented an application for its travel request process. Now, travel managers benefit from full transparency of the process: travel requests are submitted in a unique form, and travel managers can immediately proceed the requests, keep track of all requests, and analyze the process, while saving valuable time.


Kiloutou company logo in black with a white and yellow accent.

Kiloutou is the largest construction equipment rental company in France. In 2018, it employed more than 4,000 employees across 460 agencies throughout France, and reported turnover of 537 million euros.

“RunMyProcess helped us turn a manual, disorganized process into an automated, fully transparent workflow that saves valuable time.”
Cyril Guillemain
Organizational Change Manager, Kiloutou

Kiloutou Results

  • Automated efficient workflows lead to great time savings
  • Real-time dashboards ensure full process transparency
  • Process status and data are accessible by any device, anytime, and anywhere
  • Analytical framework enables optimum process control

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