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Itaú Cultural successfully improves legal contracts validation process

Transparency, control, and speed of contract management transformed for Brazilian-based arts organization, Itaú Cultural.

Challenges Faced by Itaú Cultural

Itaú Cultural faced the challenge of generating and handling more than 1,200 legal contracts for artistic and business operations at the Ibirapuera Auditorium. The management of the contracts was complicated by the decentralized system and the lack of control over the data stored in employees’ email and personal document folders on the organization’s server, making it difficult to retrieve documents and information, especially following a departure of an employee.

Itaú Cultural needed a low-cost, flexible, easy-to-use workflow application to enhance the contracts management, but also to comply with robust data security requirements, being a branch of Itaú Bank.


Itaú Cultural Solutions from RunMyProcess

Itaú Cultural approached Dedalus, a leading cloud solutions reseller in Brazil, which helped select RunMyProcess, because of its adaptability and flexibility.

After a training session with Dedalus and with their support, Daniel Lourenço, a legal analyst at Itaú Cultural, was able to build a contract management and archiving solution. The application sufficiently handled the process from contract generation, through internal validation steps (employee, manager, legal department), to archiving followed by the signed contract of the other parties such as suppliers, performers, and more.


Itau Cultural logo in black and orange.

Itaú Cultural is a non-profit arts foundation based in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1987 by the Itaú Bank, it strives to develop Brazilian culture through the organization of cultural and artistic events, including concerts, festivals, exhibitions, and installations. Today, Itaú Cultural employs approximately 220 people and organizes more than 800 events every year.

“Editing and validating a contract used to take 20-30 days. Now it takes just one or two.”
Daniel Lourenço
Legal Analyst, Itaú Cultural

Itaú Cultural Results

  • Improved transparency, control, and speed of the legal contracts validation process
  • Contracts editing and approval process reduced to just one or two days – vs 20-30 days
  • Application available on any device, anywhere
  • Centralized and easy-to-find data

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