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House Foods America introduces new, real-time digital ordering system

House Foods America used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to enable it to place orders directly, tracking activity in real-time, and eliminating costly investment.

Challenges Faced by House Foods America

Using email and spreadsheets to communicate order requirements with suppliers was proving inefficient and prone to human error. House Foods America wanted to find a more effective and reliable way of managing its supply chain.


House Foods America Solutions from RunMyProcess

House Foods America turned to IT consultants JBS, which recommended RunMyProcess as a simple, cost-effective way to automate critical business functions. This enabled House Foods America to quickly introduce a new, real-time ordering system for its popular Curry House outlets.


House Foods logo in red

Founded in 1981, House Foods America, with production facilities in Los Angeles and New Jersey, has been the biggest producer and supplier of tofu in the United States for more than 30 years. The company also runs the Curry House restaurant chain, which features Japanese-style curry dishes, and is the local distributor of imported House Foods products from its parent company in Japan.

“In the future, we want to implement RunMyProcess cloud infrastructure solutions in other areas. It will help us to improve governance procedures and run our outlets more efficiently.”
Shiro Takenouchi and Atsutoshi Ogikubo
Production Managers, House Foods America

House Foods America Results

  • Zero need for investment in development, hardware, or maintenance
  • Simplicity of operation minimizes human error and provides real-time data to all users
  • Instant summaries and reports can be generated in a matter of minutes
  • Discrepancies can be traced in order to identify the source of the problem

Download the full case study for further information regarding the solutions and results seen by House Foods America.

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