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Digital contract management generates more revenue at Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier

An automated contract management solution based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helps the Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier save time and increase revenue.

Challenges Faced by Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier

The way CFI were handling their lease agreements involved a lot of steps and manual paperwork throughout the process, which was very time-consuming and error-prone. Seeing an opportunity to improve this process, Go2eGov, a Swiss integration partner of RunMyProcess, offered to develop an automated workflow solution to solve those problems.


Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier Solutions from RunMyProcess

The RunMyProcess solution developed by Go2eGov significantly increased the speed of the lease agreements process, while generating more revenue, and reducing time spent. The automated PDF generation also helps ensure no changes are made to the documents, preserving their legal status.


CFIKF company logo in black and orange with the brand name directly next to it in black and white.

Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier (CFI) is a canton association of estate owners, insurance companies, and institution owners located in the Fribourg area of Switzerland. Since it was established in 1973, the CFI has also been involved with facilitating access to property, and assuring the accuracy of the lease agreements.​

“Before, getting a final version of the lease agreement took up to a week. Now it takes just a few minutes,”
Jean-Daniel Faessler

Chambre Fribourgeoise de l’immobilier Results

  • Significant improvement of process speed
  • Increased number of lease agreements generated
  • Revenue growth for CFI
  • Legal status of documents preserved through automated PDF generation

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