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Fraikin transforms their business for the digital age

RunMyProcess helps a leading commercial vehicle leasing company Fraikin with the digital transformation of their corporate culture and business model.

Challenges Faced by Fraikin

Fraikin is proud of its leading role in providing tailor-made, customer-specific leasing arrangements, but maintaining this differentiation requires highly flexible contract processes that have traditionally taken a considerable amount of time to perfect for each customer.

With the advent of digital technologies, Fraikin found it increasingly challenging to deliver the customization required by their customers at an acceptable speed and cost, with paper-based processes, a hierarchical organization, and outdated systems that create constraints and delays, and threaten the company’s growth.

In particular, Fraikin wanted to leverage cloud and digital services to enable seamless collaboration and enhance the decision making process closer to the customer. Their vision was to transform the organization, prioritizing the use of digital technologies to increase empowerment and deliver higher speed across the company.


Fraikin Solutions from RunMyProcess

To overcome the challenges Fraikin was facing, they chose RunMyProcess DigitalSuite due to its cloud-based deployment speed and its support for mobility, process management, and integration.

Fraikin’s leadership team, with their ambitious vision, needed to inspire enthusiasm throughout the company. They utilized RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to educate business owners about digital technologies and to empower them to take responsibility for the transformation.

This method allowed a sense of ownership and excitement that ultimately led to a profound digital transformation across the whole organization, ranging from contracts and bidding processes to vehicle management and maintenance processes.


Fraikin logo in blue

Founded in 1944, Fraikin is a leading provider of commercial vehicle leasing services. Its unique business model combines flexible financial and technical services to provide industrial and commercial vehicles without the risks and burdens of ownership. Today, the Group manages more than 57,000 vehicles across Europe and Africa.

“By digitizing tasks in the workshop we not only improved productivity but also increased visibility across the organization – which in turn helps to transform other processes in new business or customer services.”
Franck Lerivrain
Director of IT Services, Fraikin

Fraikin Results

  • A cultural transformation
  • Productivity increased up to 400 percent
  • New automated digital processes
  • People, systems, and devices connected
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