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Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) innovates their business for improved productivity

RunMyProcess assists FOCUS to integrate disparate systems increasing efficiency of missionary based activities.

Challenges Faced by FOCUS

Missionary trips play a crucial role in FOCUS’ development and growth. To manage their 45+ visits per year, FOCUS worked with an external company to create a custom workflow application that integrated the company’s fundraising system, CRM, and CMS. But the developed application wasn’t always reliable, and the integration between the systems often failed – which resulted in data loss.

In addition to these issues, the application didn’t give an indication of which part of the integration process was failing, so the FOCUS team wasn’t able to resolve the problem.

The outcome of this was that students applying for missionary trips were experiencing technical difficulties during their application process. Unfortunately, they then had to contact the FOCUS application team for assistance personally. After comparing existing solutions on the market, FOCUS approached RunMyProcess, looking for a flexible and transparent integration solution.


FOCUS Solutions from RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, the cloud-native, low code application, helped FOCUS improve the stability of the data submission process, increased user satisfaction, and saving time. The digital application contained a full record of the submitted information, stabilizing the process, and ensuring that no information was lost. The graphic visualization of the application also assisted in keeping track of the process at all times.

As the application flawlessly provided real-time integration between all systems, the FOCUS team no longer had to spend hours resolving technical difficulties and could now dedicate their time to review the application process. As a result, in 2013, the FOCUS team was able to reach better performance despite having the same-sized team.


Focus logo in blue with a religious symbol in blue on the left

FOCUS is a not-for-profit organization that brings together Catholic university students in the United States. Founded in 1998, FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) runs missionary training and a large number of events and activities across the country, including weekly bible studies, group outreach, and mission trips. In 2013, it had more than 500 employees, with its missionaries present in 83 university campuses throughout 34 states.

“Our recurring costs are lower as we need less staff to get the same process done. The process is now a lot quicker, smoother and reliable.”
Tyler Kolden
Manager of technology services, FOCUS

FOCUS Results

  • Implementation of automated workflows improved stability of data submission process
  • End-to-end integration with user friendly interface increased productivity
  • Real-time operation processes increased efficiency and user satisfaction

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