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Financial services company reduces employee onboarding time by 40%

A major Australian financial services company succeeded in simplifying and streamlining their employee onboarding process with a new fully automated application and process implemented on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.

Challenges Faced by Financial Services Company

The manual business process in place for onboarding new employees caused many problems. The process was often delayed, required many steps, and was heavily reliant on paper-based methods. The onboarding was taking five days, where the new employees did not have full access to systems, equipment, and other critical productivity tools.

Financial Services Company Solution from RunMyProcess

With minimum time and effort, the financial services company implemented a fully automated digital process and application based on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, reducing onboarding time, simplifying access to locations and systems such as SAP, Microsoft Office365, and Salesforce, and letting employees be the best they can be from day one.


One of Australia’s largest wealth managers and most respected financial services companies not only strives for continuous success in their business area. They also attempt to take their internal processes such as HR management to the next level. Being proud of providing a workplace where employees can be the best they can be, they wanted to make sure that experience started from day one with a new employee.

“HR is now able to provide the same quality of service to new employees as the company has been delivering for decades to their customers.”

Financial Services Company Results

  • 40% savings in employee onboarding time
  • Fewer errors and problems by automation and integration of systems
  • Minimum time and effort to develop, deploy, and adapt the application
  • Happy and productive employees from day one

Download the full case study for further information regarding the solutions and results seen by the financial services company.

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