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Fater becomes more competitive and responsive through automation

Living up to their vision to create the best possible workplace, Fater used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to implement fully automated and customized campaign and investment management processes, allowing them to achieve greater market responsiveness and competitiveness.

Challenges Faced by Fater

Fater’s promotional campaigns, such as product offers, giveaways, or discounts, require a variety of legal documents and validation steps. This process was manual and files were sent back and forth between different groups, causing confusion and time delays. Similarly, the management of investment requests involved manual entry of information in SAP and further manual notification and approval by numerous departments. Much time was spent to initiate the process as well as to chase managers for approval due to the lack of visibility of status and information.


Fater Solutions from RunMyProcess

Searching for customizable cloud-based automation solutions that could leverage G Suite, Fater discovered RunMyProcess. Together, they co-created applications on RunMyProcess DigitalSuite that fully digitalize promotion and investment request management. The solution integrates G Suite apps like Google Sites, calendar, and Gmail, as well as SAP. Once created, applications and requests are automatically routed to the appropriate systems and people for further processing, validation, and approval, including all the required information.


FATER logo in blue and red with the company name in blue directly next to it

Fater, a joint venture between Gruppo Angelini and Procter & Gamble, is a leader in the Italian market of personal sanitary products. It produces and sells well-known brand products such as Pampers, Tampax, Ace, and LINES. Headquartered in Pescara, Italy, Fater employs 1,600 people and reported a turnover of € 837 million in 2019.

“We were looking for a cloud solution. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite was an obvious choice. It was a great advantage for us that we could design the process independently and exactly how we wanted it to be – thanks to the graphic, drag-and-drop interface.”
Luigi Cichella
IT Project manager, FATER

Fater Results

  • Greater market responsiveness and competitiveness by accelerated handling of marketing campaigns
  • Simplification of investment management process by seamless integration with SAP and Google Sites
  • Increase in transparency and immediate access to information on dedicated Google Sites
  • Time savings and reduction of errors by replacement of manual paper and email based processes.

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