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Digital Assembly Line Management at Farm Machinery Manufacturer

Digitalization of paper-based factory processes achieves defect reduction.

Challenges faced by Farm Machinery Manufacturer

With its growing business and demand for higher-volume production, the farm machinery manufacturer decided to move towards digital transformation. The company was urgently requiring a platform to digitize paper-based documents used during the quality check phase of the production to reduce wastes, defects and long time-processing.

Digital Transformation Solutions with RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess implemented a Digital Check Sheet application that replaced paper checklists with an intuitive task management system, providing visibility across all production lines. The flexible and scalable online application publishes and manages checklists for quality control, and is accessible anytime and from any device.


An international heavy equipment manufacturer, producing tractors and agricultural machinery, engines and pipe systems, with operations in more than 120 countries.

“We forecast that our digital check sheets will reduce the time spent by operators on quality control by 30%.”

Farm Machinery Manufacturer Results

  • First step of global zero paper approach
  • Seamless integration to existing system based on Oracle
  • Reduced tractor assembly time and cost due to digitization of complex paper forms
  • Increased quality through consistent data capture with end-to-end audit trail
  • Real time visibility of tractor and assembly line status
  • Structured data repository for deeper analysis of errors and defects using reliable data
  • Reduced warranty and after care costs
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