Diageo Case Study From RunMyProcess by Akorbi Digital

Unified Inventory Management for McDonald's
Pays Digital Dividend

McDonald’s Canada Triggers Digital Tranformation for its Franchise Owners by Integrating Disparate Inventory and Incident Management Systems

The Digital Challenge at McDonald’s Canada

Disparate legacy systems for inventory, procurement and financial reporting, existing at different locations, were causing clumsy management of daily operations and escalations. Additionally, a variety of notification channels and response procedures were resulting in unnecessary handling and travel times for franchise owners.

Transformation with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

With DigitalSuite, the digital transformation platform by Fujitsu RunMyProcess, McDonald’s connected legacy systems and solutions based on Google Apps, ServiceNow, .NET and Oracle into a single portal, with a unified mobile interface for franchise owners. Among the first step solutions enabled by DigitalSuite were inventory checks and restocking, as well as maintenance incident handling. And the digital transformation journey is only beginning …


McDonald's brand logo in yellow with the brand name in white and a red background.

McDonald’s Canada

Headquarters: Toronto, Canda

Number of locations: 1,400


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John Doe
Manager Title

Unifying Multiple Integration Points

  • integrated data connection between various types of ERP systems
  • using Google (Docs?) for (????)
  • using .NET for (???) / Oracle for (???)
  • well-structured process control and escalation procedures, e.g. for cross-restaurant restocking
  • single command center for the franchise owner, for all notifications and responses
  • easy-to-use orchestration of even complex workflows


Display of six different sources connecting to different points on a graph and four different icons for email, calling, reading and connectivity.

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