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Châteauform drastically cuts expense management effort

A specialist in premium hospitality operating internationally, Châteauform used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to reduce repetitive manual effort in expense management to almost zero.

Challenges Faced by Châteauform

Châteauform’s accounts department had a long-winded process for managing staff expenses. It involved recording all of the expenses into an Excel spreadsheet that then had to be printed out, approved by a manager and finally, reviewed by accountants. These manual steps were extremely time-consuming, taking 10 hours a month to carry out.


Châteauform Solution from RunMyProcess

RunMyProcess developed a solution for Châteauform in just one month, allowing employees to submit expense information online. Personal data are then automatically reviewed by the application and forwarded to the corresponding manager, who receives an email notification and can either approve or refuse the expense. If approved, the request is sent to accounting for validation, where reports can be exported with one click to the ERP of the accounting department or to salary payments in .csv format. The application was originally developed based on Google Apps (with Google OpenID authentication from any location), later to be migrated to Office 365 as part of a larger IT re-base.


Chateauform logo in blue with brand name written below in blue.

Châteauform is an international hospitality chain providing luxury conference venues and meeting rooms for professional events across Europe. Originally founded in Persan, France, it has employees in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, and Germany.

”Before, the expense management would take at least 10 hours every month, and now the process is almost instant”.
Loïc Ramos
Project Manager, Châteauform

Châteauform Results

  • Reduction of staff expense admin effort from 10 hours per month to almost zero
  • Up-to-date information on all employees
  • Very low-cost solution re-base to new cloud (from Google Apps to Office 365)

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