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Berendsen Fluid Power improves repair process efficiency through automation

A leader in Australia’s hydraulic industry, Berendsen Fluid Power used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to quickly implement digital innovation. After starting with the automation of its service and repair processes and improving efficiency by 40%, Berendsen is now looking forward to adding more processes to evolve its digital strategy.

Challenges Faced by Berendsen Fluid Power

Berendsen had been relying on a combination of paperwork and Excel spreadsheets to track the progress of key repair projects. This was time-consuming and prone to human error, so the company wanted to find a more efficient, automated way to manage repair processes.


Berendsen Fluid Power Solution from RunMyProcess

After trialing several digital solutions, Berendsen decided that RunMyProcess DigitalSuite offered the best functionality. The cloud-native, low-code platform RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helped Berendsen to quickly implement a digital solution that exactly matches its needs. By using sophisticated application development, process management and integration capabilities, Berendsen could quickly deliver powerful business automation. Standard connectors made it simple to connect a broad range of people, devices, and systems – including SaaS services like Office 365 and on-premise systems like Oracle. In addition, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes these results accessible on any device, anywhere.


Logo of Berendsen Fluid Power - Australia's largest specialist hydraulic services provider

For over 20 years, Berendsen Fluid Power has been at the forefront of Australia’s hydraulic industry. It offers unbeatable service and repair capabilities for all hydraulic product types and systems and is committed to providing quality service that lasts. Its service is relied upon by some of Australia’s best-known names, including BlueScope Steel, BHP, Anglo American, Hitachi Construction Machinery, and Liberty OneSteel. With nine fully equipped workshops across the country, Berendsen is Australia’s largest specialist hydraulic services provider.

“We were looking for a simple digital solution with workflow capabilities that we could deploy in-house and begin the process of designing each stage in the chain around an automated, integrated platform. RunMyProcess offered that flexibility at a cost-effective price.”
Ben Johnson
General Manager, Berendsen Fluid Power

Berendsen Fluid Power Results

  • Process efficiency improvement of up to 40 percent
  • Quotations delivered in 3-5 days rather than one full week
  • All relevant information available at the touch of a button via an iPad app
  • Increased visibility and speedy identification and resolution of problems

Download the full case study for further details of the Berendsen case, benefits and results

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