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AISIN AUTOMOTIVE LTDA. increases visibility, productivity, and efficiency

AISIN AUTOMOTIVE is using RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to automate production preparation processes, enabling enhanced visibility, improved productivity, and increased efficiency.

Challenges Faced by AISIN AUTOMOTIVE

Automotive component manufacturer AISIN AUTOMOTIVE found that high staff turnover rates in Brazil were leading to a loss of knowledge and repeated mistakes. It wanted to automate and digitalize its production processes to provide a transparent account of schedules, actions, and ownership.


AISIN AUTOMOTIVE Solutions from Fujitsu RunMyProcess

AISIN AUTOMOTIVE turned to Fujitsu RunMyProcess for support in overcoming the challenge it was facing. Together, they used RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to build an entirely new system that can control and automate every aspect of the pre-production process. This new solution provides full visibility of progress and ownership of tasks, and gives new employees a clear framework so they can get up to speed quickly. Not only does this boost efficiency across the production cycle, it also ensures that AISIN AUTOMOTIVE can avoid repeating historical mistakes.


AISIN AUTOMOTIVE is a Brazilian subsidiary of Aisin Group, a Japanese manufacturer of automotive components, including engines, chassis, and drivetrains. Aisin Group has over 100,000 employees worldwide and a turnover of more than YEN 3,900bn. In 1974, Aisin Group established itself in Brazil, where it now employs 800 people.

“RunMyProcess DigitalSuite gives us an integrated and transparent view of the production preparation process, so we know what is happening, when, and who is responsible. Previously, that would have involved lots of time-consuming paperwork.”
Akira Muramatsu


  • RunMyProcess DigitalSuite centralizes and standardizes key processes to share knowledge and boost efficiency
  • 100 percent cloud-based platform enables anywhere, anytime, any device access
  • New applications and functionality can be developed in-house in a matter of weeks
  • Fujitsu’s Japanese heritage and local Brazilian presence ensure a perfect cultural fit

Download the full case study for further information regarding the solutions and results seen by AISIN AUTOMOTIVE.

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