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    Help us solve digital problems and make the world a better place

    Our vision is a world where enterprises easily connect digital resources to improve the way they work, making life better, happier and more sustainable for customers, employees and society.

    That’s why our mission is to provide a platform which helps enterprises evolve using the power of connected technology.  By solving digital problems we help our customers quickly deliver practical solutions that make the world a better place.

    How cool is that?

    Why RunMyProcess?

    At RunMyProcess you will work with some of the world’s most talented engineers, designers and thought leaders to solve digital problems and shape the future of the connected world.

    Our team hails from over 12 countries, speaks more than 15 languages and is based across several continents.  This diversity brings a huge range of outlooks and experiences to our work, reflecting our belief in the power of connections.  Our team contains racing drivers, pilots, bakers, Tarantino buffs, boxers, scuba divers, oriental guitar players and more.

    But despite our diversity we share a commitment to using our different perspectives to respectfully challenge each other, connect ideas and create remarkable new things together.

    So if you are an open-minded and pragmatic self-starter who loves technology and wants to be surprised, challenged and delighted every day… you may have just found your new home.

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