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Date Published: 08/31/2021

The term ”Co-Create” or “Co-Creation” may be new to you, but the business concept has been around for decades. Have you ever been approached by a company to give feedback on one of their test products? When was the last time you took a company survey that asked about your experience and suggestions for improving it?


In its base context, Co-Creation refers to the collaboration between experts and their stakeholders – customers, suppliers, business partners – to share ideas and concepts to create a better, more robust product or service. In today’s blog, Akorbi Digital explains how they use this concept for RunMyProcess.

How can Co-Creating Benefit Your Company?

Co-creation is often used when a company needs the following:

● Obtain a fresh perspective on products, services, or the business in general

● Cross-pollinate with other industries

● Risk reduction – obtain feedback and data before launch for greater acceptance
● Identify trends
● Identify consumer drivers and influencers


There is more than one way to initiate co-creation, and you will have to identify which is best not only for your business but also for your need and desired outcome. If you aren’t ready to open up your business to mass input, then sourcing a group of experts to come in and offer input, feedback, and ideas may be the best course. These experts would not be employees but may work in the same industry in which you’re doing business. They are already familiar with processes, consumer needs and can offer a new perspective to you.


Need a more extensive view? Crowdsourcing may be your best bet. Using the ”Rule of Big Numbers,” – companies will use social media platforms to get feedback and input from mass audiences on products and services. This can give a company a great deal of feedback. Still, you have to be careful that you are actually receiving input from your target audience and not just people with an opinion who never plan to use your services.


The ”Community of Kindred Spirits” is termed precisely as it sounds – it is the process of collaborating with experts who have the same concerns, interests, and desires as you and want to work with you to develop better products and services. These like-minded people will have to be hand-picked for the best outcome.

How Does Akorbi Digital Incorporate Co-Creation?

Akorbi began as a language service – offering interpretation and translation services to companies in need. Over the years, the company has identified aspects of businesses that need support. They have worked to provide solutions, allowing companies worldwide to operate more efficiently, comply with federal guidelines and communicate more effectively.


Recently, Akorbi Digital – a division of Akorbi – acquired RunMyProcess, a low code platform that allows companies to digitize their processes, eliminating unnecessary overhead while increasing efficiency.

Collaborative Equals Innovation

Upon acquiring RunMyProcess, Akorbi Digital knew that client collaboration was going to be essential to their client’s success. That’s why the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite platform allows the designers at Akorbi Digital to develop fully customized solutions for their customers. Because they understand that this is not a ‘one size fits all’ world.


The leaders at Akorbi Digital know that collaboration leads to change and innovation. That’s how they have become one of the largest, fastest-growing women-owned corporations in the world.


If you think your company could use a ”process overhaul”, contact us today to discuss RunMyProcess. We can work together to decide if this platform is suitable for your systems, then create an implementation strategy.

Akorbi Digital Can Assist You

Akorbi Digital, a recently established entity, will drive and foster the innovations agenda for the Akorbi group through the development of digital solutions for the global economy. We help enterprise-level organizations enhance, optimize, and leverage technology to improve workflow processes and communication.


Learning what resources are available to you as you navigate the ever-changing world of technology and language is important to the success of you and your business. Contact RunMyProcess online for more information.


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