What is API Management? RunMyProcess answers.

Date Published: 02/28/2022

API management is an essential function for enterprises looking to scale. Businesses that use or develop APIs need a single place to manage their implementation, analyze performance, and design new APIs. In today’s blog, RunMyProcess will help you understand the components of API management and how it benefits your business. 


What is API Management?

Application Programming Interfaces work in the background of many different products and systems we interact with daily. For example, APIs give weather tracking applications the ability to collect weather data for your geographical location, and display it on your mobile phone through Google, Apple’s Weather app, or any other weather information service. API’s also power the functionality of logging into websites through your own Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts. API management refers to the group of functions that design, secure, and support APIs and the services that power them. For organizations that frequently use APIs as a part of their services or develop their own APIs, effective API management is essential for enforcing usage policies, analyzing usage statistics, and accurate reporting on performance. 


What are the Components of API Management?

While some solutions may vary, there are essential components included in API management products. These components include: 


API Gateway

An API Gateway is an important function that connects systems and services together. Essentially, the gateway is a server that handles all routing requests, protocol translations, and security policy enforcement between the client and the third-party services that the API is connected to. 


API Developer Portal

API Developer Portals act as a community site headquarters for developers to access and share their API documentation. The developer portal also makes it easy for developers to test and build new APIs and access sample codes and development kits. 


Reporting and Analytics

API management solutions offer reporting and analytics tools to easily monitor an API’s performance, functionality, and workload. This information is critical for developers looking to improve API performance or troubleshoot issues. 


What are the Benefits of API Management?

Managing all of your APIs in a single platform makes it easy and efficient for businesses to share their API documentation, track an API’s usage, and ensure security. Utilizing an API management platform also reduces development costs and time to market. Having an API management system makes it simple to solve problems relating to your API, report on its performance, and save time by eliminating the need to rebuild API integrations from scratch. 


RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is Your API Management Solution

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite allows you to create and manage APIs seamlessly. By using the DigitalSuite drag-and-drop tool, you can quickly connect user interfaces and processes to underlying APIs, add non-functional logic such as security and throttling, and enrich your applications with data from a vast variety of sources. Contact us online today to request a demo and see how RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is your API management solution!

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