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Date Published: 10/06/2021

It’s been a very long year or so. While some have opted not to return to the office, others welcome their old pod mates with open arms (socially distanced, of course). For those returning to the office, there can be some concern and hesitation. We’ve worked so hard to stay healthy and safe. Can we all go back into the office and expect to remain that way?


From a managerial standpoint, this can be exciting and daunting – all at the same time. How can you manage schedules and workflows? If half your staff are virtual and the other half in-office, what does that look like from a reporting perspective?


In today’s blog from RunMyProcess, we’ll discuss how the Office Planner application can assist you in all of these areas and more as we move forward into the ‘new normal’ way of working in the office.


This low-code app integrates sophisticated capabilities – flexible cloud-based workflows, office pod scheduling, conference room management, and much more. The app can consider the utilization of office spaces and rooms, ensuring the right technology is there when it’s needed. This confirms to the employee that they can work from the office safely and risk-free.


This cloud-based app allows your entire team to check each other’s schedules to see who and how many people will be not just in the office but in any given area, any day. When booking a hot desk or conference room, others can see the schedule in real-time, allowing your team to work with each other’s schedules for optimum efficiency and collaboration while remaining safe.

Intelligent Agent

The Office Planner app can tell employees which days and times their key colleagues are present in the office. This allows everyone to plan their workdays for greater efficiency and collaboration.


Be proactive and keep everyone safe. The Office Planner app sends a self-declaration form 24 hours before the employee arrives in their scheduled office space. The form asks them to provide any information about any COVID-19 exposures or symptoms.

This mitigates the risk of office spread, giving all your employees the sense of security they need.

Reports & Tracing

Are you booking workspaces to manage the number of people in the office at one time? The Office Planner application can record and store employee attendance based on your booking. It will automatically generate reports on-demand – daily or weekly, depending on your preference.

Visitor Recognition

It’s one thing to manage employees and make sure they are managing exposures and self-declaration, but monitoring visitors brings another security level.

The Office Planner app monitors the attendance of any outside person – customers, visitors, vendors, family members, or partners. Every visitor can be quickly and easily registered on the app. If your company requires all visitors to self-declare, our self-declaration form can be part of the app, with easy form fill.

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