Still Using IBM Notes? Akorbi Digital Offers Seamless Integration

Date Published: 12/09/2021

Many companies use IBM Notes or other applications for office processes, such as instant messaging, email, company directories, blogs, and more. While they may enjoy using this software, making other processes digital without interrupting the current workflow can be difficult. In today’s blog, RunMyProcess will explain why you migrate your processes from older software like IBM notes to cloud-based software.

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Benefits of Cloud-Based Software

The main benefit of using cloud-based software is the ability to use it on all devices. Allowing your processes to be run from multiple locations on different computers, tablets, or even phones is a massive step toward making your processes perform faster and more efficiently. Instead of being restrained to an office building or specific computer, imagine if your employees could take your programs with them out on the field. Many people choose to integrate with cloud-based software like G Suite and Office 365.

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Akorbi Digital/RunMyProcess DigitalSuite

RunMyProcess Digital Suite is a low-code platform that works seamlessly with cloud-based applications, making it the perfect companion to these programs. With our platform, you can connect back-end systems and even custom-build your business applications. You also can connect to other cloud-native programs or on-premise systems. It can seamlessly integrate all your digital processes and systems to be used on location or any device by employees. RunMyProcess DigitalSuite gives teams the ability to create end-to-end digital processes, eliminating manual and paper steps.

Worried About Interrupting Current Processes?

Some people are hesitant to move from IBM Notes because it is a system that works for them or what they know. They don’t realize the flexibility and opportunity that could come with switching to cloud-native software like Google Apps or Office 365 and using the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite platform to improve and connect all of their digital processes. You can use this low-code platform to build and test your business processes without interrupting the current ones. They do not have to be implemented until you have them perfected.

Akorbi Digital/RunMyProcess Can Help You Improve Digital Processes

The team at RunMyProcess is ready to offer you state-of-the-art workflow automation to help you increase your efficiency and provide better service to your customers with RunMyProcess. Contact RunMyProcess for more information.

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