Akorbi Digital Case Studies for Human Resources Departments

Date Published: 11/22/2021

There have been many case studies done on HR departments in companies worldwide that were helped exponentially by using RunMyProcess DigitalSuite to streamline processes. Does your HR department use lengthy and accident-prone filing processes? Could you save time, money, and frustrations by integrating everything into an easy digital process? In today’s blog, RunMyProcess gives examples of HR departments that benefited from our platform.

Garden Retailer Case Study

A French garden retail chain was struggling with managing HR for multiple retail branches, especially when hiring seasonal staff members. It was also difficult to track the supplies the individual stores ordered, which was necessary because the garden retailer could get a discount based on the total supplies. To keep track, the individual stores passed an Excel sheet around to keep ordering updated and tracked. This was a time-consuming method.

For supply orders, an entire workflow was built using RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, a cloud-native platform, cutting down on time and errors from the previous method. For the seasonal hiring issue, the retailer partnered with RunMyProcess to create a workflow that streamlined the hiring process, including alerting workers when a form needed validating in a certain amount of time. The new workflow reduced data processing and error handling time by nearly 50%, as well as lowering legality risk.

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Financial Services Company Case Study

An Australian financial services company was having difficulties with its employee onboarding process. The process used was prolonged, required multiple steps, and was often delayed because of paper documentation.

With The help of RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, the company created an easy, fully digital process that simplified access to documents and locations used by employees and reduced on-boarding time by nearly 40%. This allowed new employees to get a quicker start and have a positive on-boarding at their new company.

In this situation, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite helped create an end-to-end digital process. This is important because it links all aspects of the on-boarding together in one single process, eliminating unnecessary steps.

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Trèves Group

Trèves Group is a French automotive company. They were looking to automate the workflow for approving new hires because their current process took around four weeks. This was a critical process for the automotive company, looking to include more internal hires. However, the paper process was long and error-prone as nearly 20% of applications were lost. It wasn’t easy to pinpoint priority applicants, and headquarters didn’t have much visibility into the hiring process.

With RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, Trèves Group was able to create a new workflow application compatible with cloud-based Google Apps. They were able to customize it to the specific needs of their managers to accelerate the hiring process to about ten days.

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Akorbi Digital/RunMyProcess Can Optimize and Digitize HR Processes

The team at RunMyProcess is ready to offer you state-of-the-art workflow automation to help you increase your efficiency and provide better service to your customers with RunMyProcess. Contact RunMyProcess for more information.

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