Increasing Customer Satisfaction With RunMyProcess

Date Published: 12/27/2021

For those in the service-based industry, customer satisfaction is paramount. Keeping your customers happy is how you get them to return, and satisfied customers tell others who begin to use your services. Your business likely has ways of measuring how happy your customers are, like email surveys you send out or membership reward programs. But how efficient are they? In today’s blog, RunMyProcess will explain how our platform can help improve your customers’ experience.

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TruGreen Landcare Case Study

A great example of this is the case study on TruGreen Landcare. Customer satisfaction is linked directly to sales in the lawn and landscape business. Happy customers will use your service again, and the lawn care industry can get pretty competitive. In TruGreen’s case, they used auditors to measure and record how happy customers were with their job, but the process was done on paper, and the auditors had to drive back and forth to the offices.

They were also using older applications and wanted to update to cloud-based applications. With the help of RunMyProcess, they were able to seamlessly integrate all of their existing processes into cloud-based applications and digitize their audit process to perform work in the field.

Results of the TruGreen Case

After using RunMyProcess’ workflow management platform to integrate their new and existing work processes, TruGreen saw an increase in sales opportunities from customer referrals and customer retention. The software from the audits was now accessible by tablet so the auditors could do their job on the go and even included quick pictures of the jobs. They no longer had to drive back and forth, saving time and money.

The audits were shared with management and quality control specialists, who could then change inefficient processes or processes the customers didn’t like. They could see in real-time what made customers happy and quickly fix situations where customers were displeased. The whole process from start to finish took less than eight weeks, and the results left TruGreen with improved quality control, elevated customer retention and increased sales opportunities resulting in higher revenue.

Akorbi Digital/RunMyProcess Can Help Your Business

Does your business still use IBM Notes or other older software? Do you have manual processes that could be done cheaper and more efficiently if they were digitized? Let RunMyProcess show you how our platform can integrate your existing applications while creating new end-to-end digital workflows for your company. All applications will now be cloud-based to keep them easily accessible and provide you with the most benefit.

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