Your Guide to Creating an Enterprise App Store

Date Published: 06/22/2022

Enterprise app stores can be accessed either through a mobile device or web portal, and give users the ability to download and install software applications that have been approved by their company. Enterprise app stores help give companies control over their organization’s data and security, as well as aid IT departments in managing software licenses. 


In today’s blog, RunMyProcess explains how to start your journey in creating an enterprise app store for your business.


The Benefits of an Enterprise App Store

As the era of digital transformation continues, enterprise app stores will become more and more popular, especially for large organizations and companies in Big Tech. Enterprise app stores offer many benefits to organizations and their employees. 


Device Security

With the ability to customize your own enterprise app store, companies can be sure that applications made available are completely safe for their employees to use. With an enterprise app store, there is no fear of spyware or viruses. 


Data Privacy

If an app holds confidential information regarding the company or a client, then its best to keep this app out of reach from the public. An enterprise app store gives you the ability to only give app access to those within your organization who really need it. 



An enterprise app store is a very convenient way to push new or updated applications to your staff or department. Instead of explaining where to go or how to find an application, an organization with an enterprise app store can simply send out a push notification that takes a person straight to the link to download.


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Creating an Enterprise App Store: Where to Start?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the process of building your organization’s very own enterprise app store. To start, ask yourself these questions to get the ball rolling:


Which Devices and Platforms Will Use the App Store?

If your company provides a certain type of device (such as an iPhone or Android smartphone) for your employees, then you will need to build your enterprise app store to cater to that specific device. 


Does the Development Team Have the Right Resources?

Ensure that your development team is equipped with the right knowledge and resources before pioneering this task. If you outsource your development services, then you may need to consider outsourcing the creation of your enterprise app store as well.  


What Apps are Going to Be Made Available? 

If your company would like to offer apps within the enterprise app store that are popular and already established, write them all down. If your company is creating custom apps to be made available on the app store, then you will need to focus on getting those apps developed and tested before the launch.  


RunMyProcess Enterprise App Store Solutions

At RunMyProcess, we offer our own enterprise app store software for organizations who do not have the time or resources to develop their own. The RunMyApp mobile app provides this enterprise store experience for easy notification and actionable prompts. Learn more about what you can do with RunMyProcess and sign up for a free trial today!

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