How Akorbi Digital & RunMyProcess Can Help With IoT Integration

Date Published: 09/08/2021

If you’re a business owner who loves to be on the cutting edge of technology, you’ve probably heard of IoT–the Internet of Things. You may already be using it as a way to collect and exchange data within your network.


If you aren’t familiar, IoT is a network of connected objects to collect data using embedded sensors. Everything from thermostats to cars and appliances can be a part of IoT, and even entire cities can connect through its technology. IoT can be an incredible asset to your business by increasing connectivity between people and devices.


In this blog post, Akorbi Digital explains how our state-of-the-art, low-code, process automation platform, RunMyProcess, can make it easy for you to ingest IoT edge data in enterprise applications and processes.

Integrate IoT Edge Data

RunMyProcess can seamlessly integrate edge data and output with business processes and applications to increase your company’s efficiency and productivity. We partner with IoT.nxt, which provides edge data that RunMyProcess can integrate with broader processes your business is already using–cloud services like Office 365 and on-premise applications such as SAP or Oracle.

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Leverage IoT Data

Businesses need to know where all their assets and people are deployed and what functions they are carrying out at any given time. RunMyProcess can help you create a more data-driven organization by fully leveraging all critical data points. This will improve the ecosystem of your business and increase its performance.

To leverage your IoT data, RunMyProcess can:

● Easily integrate edge data with a wide range of systems, including SaaS services and on-premise systems using a library of connectors
● Incorporate new business areas that are not yet digitized (like machine monitoring) to improve efficiency and optimize workflow

● Understand and employ IoT data orchestration outputs faster 

● Provide a unified user experience across devices

Contact RunMyProcess for IoT Integration Solutions

RunMyProcess DigitalSuite is the perfect platform to help integrate IoT and help your business collect data, and increase efficiency. A representative from RunMyProcess is ready to answer any questions and get you started today. For more information, contact RunMyProcess.

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