How a Pandemic Caused 67% of Business to Digitally Transform

Date Published: 10/14/2021

The pandemic has completely revolutionized how many organizations do business. Whether they wanted to or not, many businesses found themselves going digital as foot traffic became limited, requiring new ways to connect with customers. RunMyProcess explains how a pandemic changed how companies do business and why digital processes are more important than ever.

The pandemic took many businesses online.

When the pandemic restrictions hit, many people were forced to stay at home. People began to work from home and shop from home, forcing everything online. Everyone still needed to buy food and other products, and businesses still needed a way to sell to their customers. This massive shift in the way people managed their daily lives created major digital changes in how businesses operated.

While it was already being used pre-pandemic, low-code or no-code development exploded during the crisis as business owners scrambled to survive in the new landscape. The low coding allowed businesses to pivot quickly, expanding their digital reach and bandwidth in record time.

Some developers will refer to low code and no code as a ‘drag and drop’ kind of coding, making it easier, faster and less expensive to develop new enterprise apps. This type of coding was vital to getting businesses running, expanding channels of revenue and communicating, as well as creating automated, business-critical applications to streamline processes that had previously been run manually by more staff or had not existed before.

RunMyProcess is an excellent example of a platform that enables organizations to develop business applications designed to link all of their processes for a better flow. This affordable platform allows companies to scale operations as quickly and efficiently as possible, when they need it. This platform enables businesses to create fully customizable applications, streamlining their processes with fewer employees, reducing overhead and increasing productivity.

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The new normal for consumers and businesses.

It is unlikely everything will go back as it was pre-pandemic. Those who previously only shopped in-store have learned to shop online, and nearly everyone has improved their tech-savviness. Now that we have experienced the convenience of digital processes, everything will continue to flow in that direction. Consumers have learned which business apps are the best, and most user-friendly. Ease-of-use and convenience will continue to play a major role in which businesses consumers choose to support.

Now that businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of applications and processes that previously would have been too expensive or taken too long, digital opportunities are plentiful.

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