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Date Published: 04/15/2020

There are many challenges in mobilizing a remote and mobile workforce. How do you maintain individual productivity? How do you maintain close communication between the remote individuals and the office? How do you maintain “Esprit de Corps”?

There are several tools that can address these issues.

Citrix Intelligent Workspace is a tool that helps the remote worker maintain productivity. Intelligent Workspace delivers unified access to all applications and data regardless where they reside and regardless of the device; laptop, iPad, Android phone or iPhone. It is delivered through an intuitive and easy-to-use secure unified workspace across any network with enterprise-grade analytics. 

In conjunction with RunMyProcess from Fujitsu, Intelligent Workspace can connect all your business systems and applications, as well as IoT edge systems, to the remote worker. It simplifies the access to these complex systems, makes the remote worker more self-sufficient and reduces the burden on the helpdesk.

Used in combination with GoToMeeting or Web Ex for secure, high quality conferencing, the remote worker maintains a high level of productivity and communication between teammates and “Esprit de Corps” while staying connected. 


Author: Vic Herring

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