10 Reasons People Abandon Apps, RunMyProcess

Date Published: 11/15/2021

In our busy, digital world, apps are one of the easiest ways for customers to connect with a business. If they need to search for a product, pay a bill, schedule an appointment, or contact customer service, users can typically do this with ease through the convenience of an app. However, having a faulty app will likely hurt the relationship between customers and businesses.

In today’s blog, RunMyProcess will give ten reasons why people abandon apps and how we can help.

1. The app is always down.

This reason is pretty simple. If the app is never working, then no one can use it. An app needs to be reliable and ready on demand. In an article by Neil Patel, 90% of people who download the app are gone after about six months. If you want to retain your app users, you need to have a functional app.

2. The app is not user-friendly.

Apps should be simple, and it should be transparent to even first-time users are clear about which functionalities the app offers and how to use them.. Most people have a specific reason to access an app. An overcomplicated app is frustrating and will likely cause users to give up trying to figure it out.

3. Too many push notifications.

If your company’s app is causing the customer’s phone to ding every five minutes, they will get tired of it pretty quickly. Push notifications should be kept to a minimum and only inform consumers of sales that might benefit them or new features of the app. Having no push notifications is not the answer either, though. According to that same article from Neil Patel, it is essential to market your app, or people may forget it exists.

4. A lengthy checkout process.

Shopping on an app is supposed to be quick for the sake of convenience. If it takes too long to checkout or the process is entirely too confusing, customers are likely to shop elsewhere.

5. The app does not offer needed features.

Consumers use an app to quickly accomplish a task that needs to be done, such as buy an item, pay a bill, or book an appointment. If they log on to your app only to find that they cannot use it for what they need, then they are not likely to come back.

6. The app does not seem secure.

Users value their privacy online, and if an app does not seem secure when requiring personal information or bank card numbers, they are likely to avoid using it. In this digital age, people are hyper-aware of the private information they give out and what can happen if it is compromised.

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7. The app is not aesthetically appealing.

The best apps are simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate just by looking at their interface. If the contents of your app are a jumbled mess to look at, it will be immediately judged as poor-quality and untrustworthy.

8. Your app takes up too much memory.

Consumers want an app that helps them achieve their goals while not taking up an absurd amount of space on their phones. If users don’t access your app enough to justify taking up phone memory, they are likely to delete it.

9. Your app frequently crashes.

There is nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of the checkout process and an app crashes. Did the transaction go through? Will my card be charged twice if I do it again? An app that crashes frequently is a great way to deter customers.

10. Your app has too many ads.

If your app is difficult to navigate around the ads, people will get frustrated with it quickly. No one wants to click on an ad accidentally and get transferred out of the app to a random website. Ads should be minimal and relevant to the user.

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