What Are the 3 Essential Types of Business Automation?

Date Published: 03/16/2022

Business automation is defined as the use of technology to streamline necessary tasks and take out manual labor from the day-to-day business operations. In turn, business automation systems free up employees’ time so that they can focus on project work that is of higher value or strategic in nature. With business automation, employees are able to spend the majority of their week focusing on work that builds their company’s competitive advantage and better serves customers. In today’s blog, RunMyProcess explains the three different types of business automation that organizations around the world need to utilize. 


Task Automation

When software reduces work activity rather than an employee, this is described as task automation. For example, task automation software can automate a company’s payroll processes enabling their HR department to focus on building teams and other related activities. Other examples of task automation at work include scheduling social media posts, email automation, and coordinating bill payments. As there are just a few examples, the amount of work that can be simplified through task automation is a huge point of consideration for any organization. 


Workflow Automation

Workflow automation organizes specific tasks, documents, and important information across the organization, as defined by its business leaders. Areas where workflow management can be used include managing work schedules, on-call staff rotations, deadline management, or assigning service requests. This type of business automation empowers employees and department leaders to automate processes  to more effectively manage when employees need to work, how they need to work and time spent on projects.

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Process Automation

Process automation, to put it simply, is a full-scale combination of task and workflow automation. This concept focuses on the entire experience related to the area a company is looking to automate. Complete automation of business processes enables organizations to deliver their products or services effectively to their customers and make the work behind the scenes easier on staff. For example, process automation with RunMyProcess DigitalSuite enabled Aisin Automotive to control and automate all aspects of their pre-production process, which helped onboard new employees by providing a clear framework of tasks. This type of business automation leads to reduced costs, less risk of error and can boost the morale of your workforce. 


Make Business Automation Easy with RunMyProcess

The team at RunMyProcess is ready to help effectively implement the right business automation processes for your organization. With the RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, a leading low-code application platform, organizations worldwide are making custom-made applications that revolutionize the way their business processes work. DigitalSuite enables you to implement tasks, workflow, and process automation systems that seamlessly integrate with the software your company already uses. To find out more about RunMyProcess, contact us online and receive a free quote today!

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