Digital Transformation in Europe and a New PAC Study

Date Published: 01/09/2018

Today, organizations of all sizes and in all vertical sectors are attempting to reinvent themselves to take advantage of the new digital opportunities. A new market trend study by Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) investigates the question how European businesses are adapting their infrastructure to enable digital transformation.

One of the key findings of the study is that “94 % of companies in Europe believe that digital transformation is real, with most seeing it as the natural evolution of IT services to meet new user needs”, and for over 80% of organizations digital transformation is work in progress – either in an early or a mature phase.

On the other hand, “organizations have significant concerns regarding transparency of costs and usage. The prospect of uncontrolled and uncapped consumption-based charges understandably strikes terror in the hearts of infrastructure managers with rather fixed budgets – especially if they do not have mechanisms for charge-back to user departments. This is a major challenge to 45% of organizations sampled.”

These findings clearly indicate the need for effective cloud cost management solutions. RunMyProcess offers solutions for managing and controlling your cloud costs tailored to your needs and budgets.

Download the executive summary of the study
Download the infographics

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