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Date Published: 03/18/2020

Fujitsu RunMyProcess is officially announcing the launch of our partnership program and ready to drive the next wave of cloud adoption and digital transformation with our partners around the globe. 


With a focus on innovating our low-code platform for enterprise business applications, we believe that the value we bring to our customers is strongest when we work closely with partners in a joint effort.

Our program encompasses both resellers and technology vendors in the areas of digital integration and seamless automation with business applications.


As a Reseller Partner, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite makes it easy for you to integrate systems, automate processes, and co-create for accelerating implementation of solutions that improve business performance. This makes us a great fit for virtually any service providers who are helping their clients digitally transform. Whether you are a system integrator, IT consulting, or automation experts – you will find RunMyProcess DigitalSuite a valuable addition to your technology portfolio.


As a Technology Partner, you have the ability to collaborate with Fujitsu RunMyProcess using our powerful low-code platform to drive a complete solution to joint customers. Here are some examples of partners that we have the privilege of collaborating with:


Citrix: Our mutual customers can now integrate their entire back office to Citrix’s Workspace solution to maximize productivity and their investments. This is done by using RunMyProcess as an integration layer between Workspace and back office systems.


Vodacom/IoT.nxt: Customers who have invested in IoT edge technology now have the ability to take device data captured by IoT.nxt and build custom applications on our platform to help with workflow management, reporting, visualization, and more.


We are not looking for partners who are only interested in subcontracting/professional services with RunMyProcess at this time.


How do I apply?


If you are interested in joining our partner program, please fill out the form on our partner page and we will reach back out shortly.

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