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Akorbi Digital RMP

About Us

At Akorbi Digital RMP, we are passionate about empowering enterprises to revolutionize change and transform their business by using the power of connected technology. We make it easy to share expertise, resources, and assets amongst a virtual workforce, accelerating the creation of sustainable solutions that improve business and society. We value trust as the foundation for our work, taking care of our customers from their first contact with us, to delivery, and evolution of business processes and applications.

Our co-creation approach

Together with our customers, we build fully-customized, mobile-ready applications that integrate existing enterprise systems and data silos, and connect them to new digital ecosystems. We enable the creation of sophisticated workflow applications and the automation of mission critical business processes in a flexible, secure, and cost-effective way. With our focus on co-creation, we partner with our customers to safely and seamlessly evolve towards new digital business models that make a real difference to their customers and employees.

Our technology speaks for itself

Our foundation is RunMyProcess DigitalSuite, a powerful cloud-native, low-code platform for delivering the most cost-effective business processes and enterprise applications. We excel through superior capabilities for tapping into the world of digital ecosystems to propel your business into the future.

Our history

RunMyProcess was a big global idea founded in a small Parisian room.

In 2007 a small group of visionary but pragmatic technologists decided to change the way that enterprise IT worked.  By using the power of the cloud and the openness of the web, they created a new kind of platform which rejected big projects, slow change processes, and monolithic systems and helped enterprises build and connect digital systems at a fundamentally different speed.

Since then we have continued to push the boundaries of technical innovation, pursuing ever bigger and more interesting problems to solve.  But we remain committed to our founding principles of simplicity, pragmatism, and the fast delivery of value.

Conquer Business Challenges

Create unique business values from your mobile enterprise applications based on the low-code, cloud-native platform, RunMyProcess DigitalSuite.